XRD passed the Dun & Bradstreet coding certification


Since 1841, companies have trusted D&B’s Business Credit Information to help them reduce bad credit risk and improve cash flow. Today, D&B’s powerful data analytical tools make the task of monitoring your customers easier and more predictable than ever.
In order to further explore the overseas market, XRD successfully applied for the D & B coding, and passed the certification, 9 coded as follows: DUNS 52-700-9981. 
DUNS number is a unique nine-digit global coding system, it is widely used for corporate identity, organization and finishing of business information . As a internationally recognized company identification ,more than 50 global, industry and trade organizations, and the United States federal government acknowledged that recommend or require the use of the coding system as part of their internal management tool.  In other words, this number is the premise to establish cooperative relations with them or to successfully operate international trading.
The certificate will offer a better opportunity for overseas market development.