1.FFC(Flexible Flat Cable) - cable with two smooth or corrugated, but essentially flat, surfaces. Attached to the PCB by soldering or plugging into a zero insertion force connector. Very reliable

2.FPC(Flexible Print Circuit) is a circuit substrate of patterning Cu electrode with Polyimide film as a base. Usually offers more flexibility than Flexible Flat Cables.

3.Heat Seal- consists of microscopic metal particles within the Hot Melt Adhesive covering the entire area. Very flexible and eligible for connecting a large number of terminals simultaneously by single sealing operation

4.Pins- allow self-aligning connection to printed circuit boards via plug in strip sockets. Work well in harsh environments. Two conventional methods: DIL (Dual-In-Line) and SIL (Single-In-Line).

5.Zebra Stripsor �Elastomeric� - strips of silicone rubber made up of sequentially spaced conductive and non-conductive material. This is the most common connection method for complete LCD modules. Resistant to shock and vibration.